Rachel Drach from SNL had to pass a Twitter check for a very unusual reason


Rachel Dratch is best known for her participation in the program “Saturday Night Live”, where she played a lot of funny characters with ridiculous quirks in the classic style of Dratch, including Debbie Downer and Jimmy Fallon’s Boston girlfriend. However, in her new film “I Love My Dad,” she departs a little from her usual comedic absurdity, as the black comedy touches on issues such as suicidal thoughts and family trauma. Yes, and also Internet fishing, with which, as it turned out, Dratch is a little familiar.

The central conflict in “I Love My Dad” involves Patton Oswalt’s character fishing out his own son until the situation gets out of control, and as Rachel Dratch told us while doing press for the film, this story reminded her of an experience she had in her own life on the internet. :

Someone was pretending to be me on Twitter for a while, that’s why I’m the real Dratch, because they were making really, really bad jokes. This is more than ever I was deceived on Twitter, deceived on the Internet. But yes, nothing so extreme… there was a lot of wacky humor.

So if you’re wondering if the Real Dratch was selfish, rest assured that she’s literally just telling her audience that she’s, well… the real Rachel Dratch. It is quite logical that she did not want her image to be spoiled by soulless stupid humor, since a comedian is much smarter than toilet jokes. She even forced Lindsay Lohan to take a break live during a Debbie Downer sketch and scared stars like Bill Hader, given her legendary status in the world of improvisation.

As mentioned earlier, “I Love My Dad” sees Patton Oswalt as a trapper father who creates an online persona to try to stay in his son’s life after a suicide attempt. It’s a bit of a grim departure for an actor who is part of one of the biggest movie franchises of all time as a member of the Marvel cinematic universe. The man also made headlines by announcing that Chloe Zhao will return in “Eternal 2,” and fans are excited to see what Marvel Studios is doing with his character Pip Troll.

“I Love My Dad” is already on in selected cinemas! Given its indie status and limited release, we don’t expect it to compete at the box office with films like Best Shooter: Maverick, but the film has a lot of heart and it touches on some heavy topics with a talented cast. If it’s going to the cinema nearest to you, why not show your support for solid low-budget films? As for the rest of the films that will appear on the big screen this year, be sure to check out our schedule for the release of films for 2022.


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