A Race Track in GTA 5’s Suffix Package May Show GTA 6’s Map


A race track called Height of Society included in the supplementary package Open Wheel Racing for GTA 5 confused gamers about GTA 6. Because this track creates a very interesting triangle when compared to the USA map. Gamers think this triangle gives hints about the map of GTA 6.

Most of the claims made about GTA 6 until today stated that the game will be back in Vice City. The claims now made show that GTA 6 can pass in Chicago and Mexico. Chicago and Mexico, almost unspoken to date, seem to excite gamers.

Rockstar Games recently released an additional package called “Open Wheel Racing” for the latest GTA game, GTA 5. This additional package brought street races to the game. A gamer looking for clues about GTA 6 also discovered an interesting similarity on the race track map “Height of Society” in the latest package of GTA 5. This similarity started to suggest that Rockstar Games actually gave clues about GTA 6 with this race map.

The map on the left side of the image above shows the race track named Height of Society in the new supplement package of GTA 5. The map to the right of it reveals the entire USA and part of Mexico. If you wish, let’s take a closer look at the regions allegedly related to the map of GTA 6.

The red section marked on the racetrack map is very similar to the place marked with the same color on the US map. When we take a closer look at this section, we see Chicago, one of the northern cities of the USA. This region was not involved in any GTA games in the past years, but this does not mean that it will not be in the future.

The second interesting point of the Height of Society track is Mexico, circled in blue. When we take a closer look at the transportation networks of Monterrey, Mexico, we can clearly see that it has a structure very similar to the track in the game. However, how Rockstar Games will connect the north and south of the US is uncertain at this time.

Finally, the green circled section of the Height of Society stretches to Vice City as well as Miami when we look at the US map. As a matter of fact, we are waiting for this already because the possibility of passing GTA 6 in Vice City has been underlined several times in the past. That’s why interesting similarities in the Height of Society map are confusing.

As we have just said, the map of the Height of Society track has brought together the north and south of the USA. However, it is still a huge question mark how to move such a large region into a game and how other cities between these cities can be included in the game. All these questions will be revealed with statements from Rockstar Games, but it is still unknown when Rockstar Games will make a statement.


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