Race Stops at Italian GP where Ferraris Perte


In the eighth race of Formula 1, which will come to our country in November, held in Monza track in Italy, the Ferraris were out of the race and Hamilton received a 10-second stop-and-go penalty.

The Formula 1 season is going on with the obvious advantage of Mercedes and Hamilton this year. The most exciting race of the season, which is generally said to be no excitement, takes place in Italy.

In the Italian Grand Prix, which is held on the Monza circuit, which we can call Ferrari’s true home, unexpected events take place one after the other. While the Ferrari could not complete half of the race, Hamilton was also penalized.

Ferrarians out of race

This season, Sebastian Vettel was the first driver of Ferrari to stay out of the race, which was very disappointing. The pilot, who had trouble with his brakes, made an early farewell at Monza to pull his vehicle over.

Later, when Magnussen of the Haas team was out of the race, the safety car entered the track. The young driver of Ferrari, who made a rapid breakthrough in the convoy formed behind the safety car, could not accompany the speed of Le Clerc and hit the tires in the famous corner called Parabolica.

Although Le Clerc was in good health, the race for the Ferraris was over and the race stopped with red flags waving.

Penalty to Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton received a 10-second stop-and-go penalty for entering the pit after the pit area entrance was closed. The race was then restarted from round 27. The results of the race seem to be quite interesting.

Hamilton will finish his penalty right after the race resumes and will try to outrun the 16 drivers in front of him in 27 laps. Let’s see if the result of the race will be enough for the British pilot to do what he wants.


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