R64 Announced, First Music Album Released for Nintendo 64 Cartridge


Nintendo 64: German artist Remute confirms that the cartridge will not have regional protection and that it will use the console’s hardware to play the music. If you think you’ve seen it all, you might be interested in learning about Remute’s new project, a musician who distributes his music through cartridges for the Sega Mega Drive, SNES, PC Engine or Game Boy. Now, the German artist has announced his return in style with R64, an album for Nintendo 64, also in cartridge format. In total 15 songs of electropop, house, ceiling, etc. from 39.99 euros (with vinyl it costs 10 euros more).

According to the official description, it is the disc (the cartridge, rather) “the most diverse of the musician”, which also does not play through an MP3 player “terribly compressed into WAW files or SD cards. “There is no trick,” he says. “As with all Remute albums, the sound on this cartridge is reproduced in real time” and at 93.75 MHZ.

To carry out the project, Remute has partnered with developer Rasky, who is responsible for the sound engine, as well as the three-dimensional experience that accompanies the music. The cartridge does not have regional protection, so it works in any Nintendo 64 model that has been marketed in the world.

As a purchase incentive, the album is also offered in digital format. Those who pre-order will get a song now (streaming through the free Bandcamp app and also available for download in MP3, FLAC and more) and the rest when it is released. It is expected to be available on March 25.

All album tracks

The Mirror Reflects
When A Thought Becomes A Weapon
I want to go with u
Your Church
Business Coaching
Stupid fun
Tradition Und Moderne
On The Rocks
Out of time
What’s Your Quote?
Remains Of A Cult
Jimmy Boy (Far Out)
They are dangerous
A Message From The Creator