R10.Net invitation-free membership is active for a short time!


R10.net has not accepted uninvited membership for years, from the most comprehensive forum sites operating in our country. While those who want to be a member of the forum request an invitation from their surroundings or unfortunately those who put this business on trade, there was good news that we could not leave the house because of the corona virus.

R10.Net invitation-free membership is active for a short time!
R10.net management announced that it has been opening invitations without invitation for a short time in order to support the #EvdeKal project. In this step, which is taken to enable people to work in their home-based jobs and contribute to their economies, some information is requested from you to become a member of the forum.

Those who want to benefit from an invitation-free membership valid until April 10, 2020;

– T.C Identity Control
– Mail Approval
– Take a photo by taking a selfie with a paper with the date of the day.
– After 4 verifications with SMS Approval, your account will be activated.

It has to complete this security process, which consists of 4 factors in total. Especially T.C identity check will be carried out and those who want to register to the forum with wrong information were blocked. This is an important factor to prevent fraud.

How to R10.net membership?
1. Complete the membership form with the correct information.

2. On a blank sheet of paper, write R10.net at the top and the date of the day you want to subscribe. Complete the registration process by uploading the selfie image you took with this paper so that your face will be clearly visible.

3. Click on the activation link written in the email for the activation.

4. The request for approval, re-requesting picture or non-membership, which will be given after the manual control by the moderators, will come to you again as an e-mail during the day.

5. If the mail comes positively and your membership is approved, log in to R10.Net with your email and password. After you make sure that you have entered your phone number correctly, you will see the SMS confirmation screen, and you should perform SMS verification. You do not have permission to enter any page without SMS verification.

R10.net management announced that everyone who fulfills the 1st, 2nd and 3rd issues without any problems will be approved.


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