QuintoAndar creates technological program for blacks


QuintoAndar, a digital housing platform, started a training program in technology exclusively for black and brown people. Named Code Black, the project will offer 50 full scholarships for the Full Stack Web Programming course.

Developed in partnership with the educational institution Digital House, the course will last for five months. After the end of classes, scholarship students will be able to participate in the selection process for the QuintoAndar software engineering sector.

The Black Code project is especially aimed at professionals at the beginning of their careers. To participate in the program, applicants must be self-declared black or brown, at least 18 years old and have completed high school.

With a 210-hour workload, the Full Stack Web Programming course will be held remotely with three weekly classes. Thus, students need to have this availability to join the program.

Those interested in participating in the Black Code must register before February 7. To register for the selection process, just click here.

More representativeness in the technology area

“The Black Code is part of a larger plan of representation in our environment and in the technology universe”, says the director of People at QuintoAndar, Erica Jannini. “Being intentional in our actions, we can build a more diverse environment at home and generate more opportunities for black people in the market.”

This is the second project developed by the company with the intention of increasing the representation of blacks and browns in the sector. In 2020, for example, it launched an exclusive internship program for this audience.

Previously, QuintoAndar was also involved in AceleraDev, a career acceleration program exclusively for women in the software engineering sector. Thus, the process aimed to promote the new female talents in the area.


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