Quinta Brunson from Abbott Elementary on her approach to racing on network television and how black helped pave the way for her show


Abbott Elementary has earned itself a reputation as a workplace comedy that appeals to viewers from different demographics. The popular comedy series appeared after other shows devoted to social problems, including racial ones. He masterfully solved some issues without turning them into a serious problem, which was purposefully done by Quinta Brunson. While the show is in its second season, Brunson has detailed her approach to racing on network television and how Anthony Anderson’s blackness helped pave the way for her show.

The creator of Abbott Elementary spoke about her approach to this topic in an interview with The New Yorker. This topic arose after the premiere of the series after such ABC race-oriented sitcoms as Black-ish and Fresh Off the Boat. Brunson was asked if the network wanted this question to be included in a comedy about a teacher. The comedic actress was not filmed, as she has already produced two projects for Warner Bros. Television. She mentioned that she knew her voice and style even before Abbott was born. Despite the fact that race is not the dominant factor in the sitcom, Brunson admitted that she is grateful to blacks for solving this problem, so she does not need it. She said:

I feel like a show like black made a show like Abbott possible. They did it so I wouldn’t have to do it. You know, everyone understands that black people exist, great. Now I can do a show about things that aren’t about being black, but about just stories.

It looks like Anthony Anderson’s family sitcom has cleared the way for ABC’s workplace comedy to be just plain funny. Abbott solves social problems without overwhelming viewers, but blackness has set itself the task of reflecting that they are black in predominantly white spaces. The former may represent black characters without always addressing issues of race. The Emmy Award winner mentioned that the Alphabet Network supported her decision, despite a slight jump in relation to a certain month:

ABC has also been very, very supportive of me. They really didn’t ask me to do anything. I don’t want to do an episode of Black History Month, and I was pushed a little bit to do it, and I don’t want to. I want to do any version of Abbott, but our show is not a show like “this is the theme of the month” or “this is what’s happening in the world.” these characters are in this show, and our approach will be unique. We want everything to be character-based, and I think they really appreciate that.

Focusing on the teachers and staff of the school, rather than on social issues, has become a winning formula for the series. Brunson said that the absence of serious problems was a conscious decision not only by her, but also by ABC. The ABC executive told Brunson that after the emotional finale of the black TV channel is moving away from race-oriented sitcoms. It seems that the network wants to do a variety of shows in which race does not come first.

Brunson and workplace comedy did well, she received many awards, including two Emmys. Along with critical acclaim, he gets the audience talking. It also received high ratings for ABC, and the series creator signed a general contract with Warner Bros.

Abbott Elementary currently airs its second season on ABC every Wednesday at 9 p.m. EASTERN STANDARD TIME. If you missed any new episodes, just subscribe to Hulu so you don’t miss the second season and review the first season while you’re there. Don’t forget to check out the other TV premiere dates of 2022 after watching the ABC sitcom.


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