Quick test made easy: Hey Siri! Am I Covid?


What if Apple’s famous Siri software instantly tells you if you have the coronavirus? Engineers are working on it.


Those who use iOS, watchOS and tvOS operating systems frequently benefit from Siri software. This ‘famous’ smart personal assistant is doing more and more useful jobs. It is possible to get answers to many questions and learn the weather forecast by calling Siri. You can even spend a pleasant time chatting with him. But things get a little tricky. Because in a new study, researchers want to develop Siri and turn it into a rapid coronavirus test.

Siri will respond to you by analyzing your voice

Drew Grant, from Johns Hopkins University in Electrical and Computer Engineering, is working on improving Siri. The system that PhD candidate Grant is trying to develop aims to make diagnosing COVID-19 as simple as saying a few words to a smartphone.

“With our sound detection system, a person will be able to easily record their speech, cough or breathing into the microphone and see the results of the COVID-19 screening test almost instantly,” Grant said. said.

So, what is the method of COVID-19 testing with Siri? Grant used a crowdsourced database of audio recordings of COVID-19 positive and negative subjects. Machine learning algorithms, on the other hand, try to find small differences between various audio properties such as sound quality and sound speed. So it tells you whether you are sick or not, based on the differences between the voices of people with COVID-19 and those of healthy people.

“This is why machine learning is so amazing,” Grant said. It can find subtle differences that cannot be perceived by humans.” he said. Grant and colleagues previously presented the work at IEEE Xplore. So, would you trust such software? We are waiting your comments…


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