Quentin Tarantino and a Hot Look at the Indiana Jones Franchise Have Fans in Arms Online


Quentin Tarantino has proven over the years that he is extremely opinionated when it comes to movies. Sometimes his views can be extremely positive, such as when he recently praised Tom Cruise’s “Best Shooter: Maverick” as the closest thing to watching Tony Scott’s new movie at the cinema. In other cases, he expressed his concern about studios using a smaller theater window and rushing to bring films to streaming, calling such a practice “depressing” and actively lobbying for films to be watched in cinemas. Imagine that. More than anything, Tarantino just likes to shoot shit about all kinds of movies, and his opinion about the Indiana Jones franchise, which he shared on the ReelBlend podcast, made Harrison Ford fans turn on the Internet.

Let’s set up a scene. Quentin Tarantino and his “Pulp Fiction” co-creator Roger Avery appeared on the official CinemaBlend ReelBlend podcast to turn on their new show “Video Archives” (opens in a new tab) and talk about movies. Tarantino appeared on ReelBlend for the fourth time and found that he just likes to hang out and discuss movies with guys. Discussing the films of Steven Spielberg and the choice of QT as the greatest film of all time, the conversation turned to the films about Indiana Jones, during which Tarantino announced this:

I like the Crystal Skull better than Sean Connery. I don’t like Sean Connery. I don’t like it at all. …It’s so boring. It’s boring! And not an interesting character. The joke is done right away. It’s like Stop! Or my mom will shoot.

There are hot takes, my friends. And then there are the searing shots designed to anger fans on a Friday morning. The conversation turned this way because ReelBlend co-host Kevin McCarthy mentioned that he doesn’t really think of the fourth Indiana Jones movie, 2008’s Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, as a legitimate part of the franchise. Roger Avary came to the defense of the Crystal Skull, saying that he really liked it. And Tarantino took it one step further, saying that he prefers it to “Indiana Jones and the last Crusade”…which wasn’t really the last crusade, as James Mangold will bring Harrison Ford back to Indiana Jones 5 in 2023.

Keep in mind that everyone is entitled to their opinion, and fans of both Tarantino and Evari, as well as the Indiana Jones franchise, had fun on social media.

Tarantino and Evary shit on “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade”, comparing it to “Stop!” Or my mom will shoot and prefers the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull podcast in the Reel Blend podcast 😂 it’s never boring with these guys. August 6 , 2022

Others wondered if QT was floating upstream, trying to spark a conversation:

Surely he contradicts there??? August 11 , 2022

And some just used it as an excuse to post funny memes from the Indiana Jones series, such as this one:

Oh, Quentin…Quentin Tarantino talked about a number of interesting topics during his recent appearance on ReelBlend, including one concept that he knows he will avoid in his tenth and presumably last film, as well as his thoughts on the film legacy of fellow “Pulp Fiction” co-star Bruce Willis. now that the “Die Hard” star has announced his retirement due to his ongoing struggle with aphasia. Do you really need to listen to the whole conversation:

And we look forward to the day when Quentin Tarantino and Roger Avary will return to ReelBlend in the near future.


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