Queen Elizabeth makes a strong decision against Harry and Meghan Markle


The British monarch Isabel II, apparently is furious and made a great decision that could affect Meghan and Harry.

The Queen Elizabeth II gave the order to the Prince Henry and Meghan Markle to remove the word Royal (real, in Spanish) brand Sussex Royal who had on websites and social networks, reported Daily Mail.

According to reports, the decision The Queen on the use of the word is because she feels it is inappropriate for the Dukes of Sussex and they have both decided to follow their own financial path.


This Tuesday, the word was still in his Instagram account and website, so it is not known if the Queen gave a deadline for it to be removed.

In mid-January it was reported that Enrique and Meghan reached an agreement with the Queen to achieve their independence, in which it was said that they would no longer be called ‘Her Royal Highness’, and that although they maintained their sponsorships and private associations, they no longer They could formally represent the monarch .

This can be derived from the recent plans that have been made known about what could be the future steps of the former ex-royals, who apparently contemplate moving to Los Angeles.


On this decision, strong rumors have originated since, as it was announced in recent days, Meghan has the concern to return to the world of acting.

Apparently, these projects would also include the Windsor minor, Harry , and the suspicions became stronger after an alleged meeting with Margot Robbie (actress of Harley Quinn) who is also a close friend of the prince.

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In addition, the singer Madonna , after noticing these speculations, also sent them an offer to rent their apartment in Central Park West in New York.


The apartment, which is located in an exclusive area of New York, has been unoccupied for a long time since the radical singer in Lisbon.


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