Queen Elizabeth II will make a historic announcement on Sunday


World tension! Queen Elizabeth II will make a historic announcement on Sunday … Resignation? Prince Charles’ mother will be communicated on the national network.

Through a television and radio channel, Queen Elizabeth II will speak to the British nation this Sunday to provide a statement that has the country in maximum tension. And it is that this will be the first time that it communicates since the expansion of the Coronavirus began and the first time that it does so in 18 years.

Thus, the monarch will express himself to his country for the first time since 2002, when his mother died. It should also be noted that it has done so on only three historical occasions whose antecedents account for the most important moments on a world scale. Her Majesty spoke as she will speak on Sunday, in 1991 for the Gulf War, in 1997 for the death of Lady Di and in 2002 after the death of her mother.

It is evident that the Queen is living a historic moment and the enormous dimension of this world health emergency demands it. The announcement that Queen Elizabeth will give will be made from Windsor Castle where she has been for two weeks.

Queen Elizabeth II has suffered the positive of her son Prince Charles and has been in suspense for the health of Camilla Parker Bowles: together with her husband, Felipe of Edinburgh, she remains isolated in confinement and so far refuses to carry out the studies of coronavirus.

The content of the Queen’s historic speech to be delivered on Sunday, April 5 is a mystery, but some data is already known. It will be a recorded message and it will be the first time that Her Majesty breaks the silence since the pandemic began.


Of course, all expectations are placed on its continuity at the forefront of the British throne if, after 68 years, it will finally announce the moment to step aside, abdicate the throne and cede power to Prince Charles, who has fortunately recovered from the illness.


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