Queen Elizabeth II watches this sci-fi film every Christmas


This strip should obviously not be missing from Queen Elizabeth II (94) at Christmas. The British royal family also has their own traditions and customs on the holidays. The Windsors, for example, usually only get joke gifts under the tree. The Royals also have their own tradition when it comes to Christmas films : The Queen allegedly prefers to watch the science fiction film “Flash Gordon” with her family!

This is what “Flash Gordon” actor Brian Blessed claimed in an interview with Yahoo Movies earlier this year . The queen is said to have told him that in person. Accordingly, the monarch not only watches the flick every Christmas with her grandchildren, the hit movie from 1980 is apparently also her absolute favorite film. “You know, me and the grandchildren, we watch ‘Flash Gordon’ all the time,” he mimicked the 94-year-old.

When exactly the Queen entrusted him with this information, Brian did not reveal . In fact, there was a little chat between the two of them in 2016. At that time, the queen awarded the actor with a medal – and on the occasion perhaps also went into raptures about her favorite film.


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