Queen Elizabeth II dead? We know more about the rumor!


This is not the first time, Queen Elizabeth II has already faced rumors announcing her death. Recently these assumptions are multiplying on the web, we explain!

Since the beginning of December, unfounded rumors about the death of the queen have surfaced. It was the English tabloids that started relaying this info. They explain in particular the upcoming withdrawal of the queen in public life. Like the Sun, which indicates that a relay in power will be made for 2021. “His Majesty will be 95 years old in 18 months – the age that Prince Philip had when he retired from public life. There are new discussions within the palace walls suggesting that this time will be good for her to retire, “the paper said.

“It’s been a while since the organization of Charles’ ascension to the throne is in place. A transition is already underway. Her Majesty is a nonagenarian, she can not do as much as before, “continued the Sun. This means that Elizabeth II is likely to abdicate. But given its character we doubt, despite its very advanced age ..

While Elizabeth II is currently in good health the tabloids are already talking about her “death”. However, it will happen well one day! The death of the queen will be very protocolary, nothing will be left to chance! As the English press reports, the English ministers have already repeated their mourning march in secret on Thursday, June 28, 2018. The Times explains that this “test” is called “Castle Dove”.

Thus, there will be 10 days of national mourning after the announcement of the death of Elizabeth II. Namely, the queen’s remains “will be exposed for five days in Westminster Hall”. The ministers said it had nothing to do with the Queen’s state of health.



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