Queen Elizabeth II about to abdicate? Relatives of the royal family come out of silence!


The rumor is about the abdication of Queen Elizabeth II, 93, this year. She then embodies the longest reign ever made. His advanced age could make him give way to his son. Is the monarch of England really ready to leave his place?

At Buckingham Palace, new rumors about the abdication of Queen Elizabeth II make talking. For weeks, Prince Charles has had an important place with the British monarch. Thus, he returns from a royal visit to New Zealand. This does not mean that the queen is ready to give up her crown and throne.

The relatives of the queen affirm her good health. One of the Queen’s assistants confides: “She has a remarkable spirit in every respect.” It seems unlikely that she is ready to pass the hand. In any case, if handover of power a day ago, it will be smooth. According to Robert Johnson, biographer, the queen will not abdicate.

Little motivated to surrender his crown, it is then likely that Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles enforce the Regency Act. This is a law conferring most powers and decisions on the heir to the throne. However, Queen Elizabeth II retains her sovereign status. According to Phil Dampier, an expert at the Mirror newspaper: “It’s possible that she will slow down when she turns 95 and the Regency Act will eventually be adopted.”

Prince Charles is ready to assume his future role as monarch. The royal family takes the time to opt for a smooth transition. Prince Charles is very committed to environmental causes. It represents a new era for the English monarchy and makes multiple public appearances. Prince Charles gives of himself to shine royalty!


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