Quarry: location of all evidence


Like Tarot cards and clues, proofs are also part of the collectibles that can be found in a quarry. In one chapter, the characters, mostly Caitlin Ka, decide to work together and start collecting evidence and documenting everything so that the police believe their story.

The amount of evidence gathered influences the conversation between Grace Corbin and Anton Anderson, hosts of the Bizarre Yet Bonafide podcast in the Epilogue. In addition, for collecting all the evidence in the career, players receive the achievement “Conspiracy Theorist”.

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Where to find all the evidence in the quarry

There are 10 proofs in total, and people can find one proof in each Career chapter.

Chapter Character Evidence Location 1 Abigail Empty Bottle When you play as Abigail in the first chapter, there is a giant tree in the center of Hackett’s Hut area. Interact with him to find an empty bottle of blood, the first clue. 2 Emma’s Torn Bags When the counselors decide to have a last bonfire party, Jacob and Emma are tasked with getting some supplies. In the camp store, go to the end of the room to find a locked door that can be opened by calling Jacob. There are two torn bags inside. 3 Jacob’s Bloated Corpse To get this proof, players must choose to STEAL the ROTOR HANDLE in the first chapter while playing for Jacob. While swimming with Emma, the sports coach will drop the manipulator into the lake. Choose the following options to save Jacob and get the third clue, the Bloated Corpse: DIVE IN GRAB the QTE UP DETANGLE 4 Emma Attack Photo After Emma gets to the treehouse, SEARCH the BAGS to get a taser. When the hatch opens and the werewolf Max appears, USE a TASER to stun him, then TAKE a PHOTO of the attack photo to use it as evidence. 5 Dylan’s Claw Marks After returning to Hackett’s huts, Dylan can photograph the claw marks on the wall of the Radio Hut. 6 Jacob’s memory card Jacob will return to the Island in search of Emma. Climb the wooden stairs and stay on the right path to find the broken camera. Interact with it to get proof of the memory card. 7 Laura’s Cease-and-Desist Letter After Laura bandages her eye at the police station, go to the main office and find printers near Travis’ office. The letter of cessation and abstinence should be there. 8 Laura Mutilated Flesh Excised Flesh is on a square platform next to a giant column in the Quarry Mines. 9 Ryan’s Letter to Kayleigh Ryan enters the bedroom after being stabbed in the ninth chapter. There is a box with Kaylee’s letter next to the empty closet. 10 Kaitlyn Trail Cam Footage The latest evidence found in the attic of the lodge. Climb the stairs next to the classroom on the second floor, and Caitlin will find the camera footage in a cardboard box.

The Quarry is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.