Quarry: Chapter 4 – Location of all Collectibles (Tarot Cards, Hints and Proofs)


The Quarry is the latest game from Supermassive Games, continuing the trend of balancing “interactive movies” with horror scenery to create a cinematic gaming experience. Along with emulating The Quarry of cheesy B-VCR movies, there are plenty of opportunities to explore Hackett’s Quarry site in search of collectibles.

The familiar setting of the movie “Career Summer Camp” is overflowing with themed items such as Tarot cards, historical clues and clues that can easily escape players during Chapter 4. Since reloading saves and restarting chapters is not possible, it is imperative that players familiarize themselves with the list of collectibles so as not to miss out.

In search of collectibles on the island as Emma

Players gain control of Emma, now separated from the other Quarry protagonists at the beginning of Chapter 4. Here she is free to roam Hackett’s Quarry Island without immediate danger until she opens the hatch in the hut. There are two Tarot cards in total, two Hackett story clues and one proof opportunity.

Tarot Card No. 7 can be obtained by turning Emma to the docks and going down the stairs. The camera perspective will switch immediately to show the location of the map — press the action button when prompted to take it. From the docks, return to the wooden stairs and the ground walkway, where Emma will comment on the literal fork in the road.

Go right along the ground path until Emma reaches the burnt-out bonfire on the left. Interacting with him will open Hackett Clue #7, which will also be mentioned in the last chapter of The Quarry.

The next clue requires Emma to step back; keep in mind that climbing the stairs will immediately trigger a cut-scene of no return and make Clue #6 missed.

Go back to the fork in the road and climb the wooden stairs along the path to the hut. Tip #6 will be at the top of the window to the left of the hut door. Be sure to interact with the hint before opening the door of the hut, otherwise this hint will not be missed.

How to get photo evidence of an attack

Getting Proof #4 is easy to miss, as it is hidden behind parallel choices, but once the two clues are collected, Emma can enter the hut.

After a short video and a selection, Emma needs to select the “BAG SEARCH” option to pick up bear spray and stun gun. Once that happens, Emma explores the hatch and discovers a monster trying to kill her.

Another option will appear to attack the creature with an item from the bag. Selecting the “USE TASER” option will stun the creature long enough for Emma to take a picture of it; press the command button when the prompt appears and the evidence will be automatically saved.

As soon as the part of the chapter dedicated to Emma is over, a cut scene will be shown in which the group helps Nick get into the pool. The Tarot of Power will only be displayed on the screen for a few seconds, which means that players need to press the control button several times when prompted. Immediately after that, the game will automatically save, so if players miss it, they will have to wait for a new Quarry passage and/or a chapter unlock option to try again.

There are no more collectibles in this chapter that can be obtained after receiving a Tarot card, but several game solutions allow Emma to die easily, no matter what. Trying to keep all Quarry characters alive is just one of the additional challenges that players may face while collecting collectibles.

The Quarry is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.