Quarry: Chapter 3 – Location of all Collectibles (Tarot Cards, Hints and Proofs)


As with most SupermassiveGames releases, The Quarry introduces monstrous antagonists, putting the main characters in danger. Because of this, it is easy to miss Tarot cards, historical clues and other clues hidden in the Quarry, but this guide contains a clear list of them all.

Chapter 3 begins after the game “Truth or Action” has gone awry, as a result of which a group of advisers will have to face an unknown career danger, while avoiding a deadly choice. This intense plot combination can lead to the loss of vital collectibles, as the game is regularly automatically saved, making saving impossible.

Exploring the Forest as Abigail

At the beginning of Chapter 3, the player has a lot of funny dialogues, but soon the situation gets out of control, and Abigail separates from the group. This is the first game section of the chapter, followed by Jacob. There are two Tarot cards in total, three hints and one proof opportunity.

Once the player gains control of Abigail, she can briefly explore the surrounding forest. Always go straight down the main road; eventually, the camera will change and show Tarot Card #5 on the screen, but wandering too far will automatically trigger some plot clips. It is recommended to try to save a backup copy manually, as there is no way to repeat this section until the end of the game.

Exploring the lake/pier as Jacob

After Abigail encounters one of the monsters (and leaves Nick’s fate up to the player), the gameplay switches to Jason and Emma by the lake. Tarot Card #4 can be grabbed almost immediately after you regain control of Jacob by guiding him down the dock. When the camera angle changes, press the control button to assemble it; it’s easy to notice.

From the pier, continue along the path and go left along the railing to inspect Tip #4: a sign in the water. Directly opposite the sign is another clue related to the Freakshow fire (hint #6) sitting on the table. The last clue (Hint #5) in this chapter can be found on the left behind the tables and chairs.

How to find evidence of a corpse

Obtaining Proof #3 is only possible if Jacob removed the rotating arm in Chapter 1; if Jacob breaks the fuel line instead, this chance of evidence will not appear. While swimming in the lake, Jacob hears a scream, which causes him to drop the rotator.

To trigger the appearance of evidence, Jacob must DIVE when given a choice and then GRAB the rotating lever. This will mean an easy Quick-Time event, and after that Jacob will discover a floating corpse. After that, he can either PULL OUT or DESTROY the corpse, but the evidence will be successfully preserved in any case.

These are all collectibles in this chapter, but the rest of the chapter contains many plot-changing options. After Jacob escapes to find Abigail, Chapter 4 continues with more collectibles and options that the player can discover.

The Quarry is available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.