Quarry & 9 Other Werewolf Video Games Worth Playing


Under the deceptive guise of a summer camp slasher outing, Supermassive Games’ new hit interactive horror drama The Quarry is really a lethal lycanthropic tale of werewolves hiding in sheep’s clothing. With over 180 different story outcomes based on a player’s specific in-game decision-making, the story follows nine teenage camp counselors at Hackett’s Quarry tasked with surviving a night of abject slaughter, with each main character subject to multiple ways of being killed by various werewolves.

With The Quarry continuing to grow in popularity since its June release, it’s about time to steer rabid fans of the visceral horror experience with the most satisfying and scarifying werewolf video games on the market. Get the silver bullets ready and take heed!

The Quarry (2022)

Expanding on the highly immersive game engine that made Until Dawn so popular, Supermassive Games’ The Quarry is one of the most exhaustive, engaging, and gorily gratifying werewolf games on record, allowing gamers to deeply interact and determine their character’s every move, giving them full ownership of all 186 different story outcomes. With great characters and hyper-gory deaths, The Quarry is hard to beat.

Cleverly scripted and directed with a genuinely cinematic sensibility that is fleshed out by famous Hollywood horror actors in vivifying voice roles, what really sets the awesome summer camp horror game apart is the mortifying physical appearance and artistic aesthetic of the wicked werewolves themselves, which eschew the traditional furry facade in favor of a skinned, hairless, blood-covered body, bald head, bloodshot eyes, and long sharp fangs.

The Beast Within – A Gabriel Knight Mystery (1995)

Winner of several Best Game Awards in 1996, The Beast Within – A Gabriel Knight Mystery is a highly ambitious interactive point-and-click adventure PC game. Divided into six chapters set in Germany from 1870 to 1886, the story follows novelist Gabriel and his assistant Grace as they battle lethal lycanthropes while exploring werewolf mythology as it relates to such historical figures as Richard Wagner and King Ludwig II.

Far ahead of its time as a full-motion point-and-click gaming experience, The Beast Within was universally praised for its marriage of excellent gameplay mechanics and compelling storytelling, frightening and fascinating werewolf mythos, and highly entertaining performances by actors Dean Erickson as Gabriel and Joanne Takahashi as Grace.

Castlevania: Legacy Of Darkness (1999)

Konami’s flagship horror series Castlevania allowed gamers to play as a werewolf in Legacy of Darkness, the action-adventure platform game released on N64 in 1999. The story concerns Cornell, a werewolf tasked with rescuing his kidnapped sister Ada from being sacrificed to resurrect Count Dracula. Meanwhile, Cornell must outwit his main rival Ortega, another menacing man-beast with a penchant for human blood who works on behalf of Dracula.

Beyond being one of the very first high-quality horror games to enable gamers to identify as a werewolf while fighting another, Legacy of Darkness is a must-play for werewolf video game fans due to its increased character control, hordes of new enemies, bosses, and locations, and scintillating camerawork that makes the game feel like a real horror movie.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)

One of the most universally acclaimed and best-selling games of the past decade, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is a limitless open-world RPG experience that features an awesome option to engage in a sidequest that allows gamers to join the werewolf guild and assume their supernatural powers after being cursed with Lycanthropy.

With no cure to be found, players can go on several harrowing side quests in werewolf form and take on various enemies in some of the most viscerally graphic games on the market. However, it’s the Companions Guild and its corresponding storyline that plumbs the depths of the lycanthropic mythology and really gives the werewolves’ backstory a truly compelling wrinkle.

The Wolf Among Us (2013)

Telltale Games’ interactive horror drama The Wolf Among Us is easily the most gratifying werewolf video game on record, extolled for its imaginative story, vivid action scenes, brooding atmosphere, and slick visual flair. The episodic plot follows lycanthrope Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of magical Fabeltown, who is out to solve the town’s first murder in years, putting the high-stakes onus on the players to make the right in-game decisions to succeed.

Aside from the immersive interactivity that makes gamers responsible for every in-game choice, the brilliant blend of innocent fairytale folklore and hardcore werewolf carnage makes the game a wholly unique experience, especially since players get to witness the good and bad side of Bigby Wolf as he terrorizes the town and solves crimes.

Blood Of The Werewolf (2014)

A heartfelt ode to throwback 2D platform games, Blood of the Werewolf is a must-play for horror nostalgic gamers who’re overwhelmed by open-world RPGs and enjoy simple yet sinister side-scrolling action. The plot concerns Selena, a loving mother, wife, and formidable werewolf hell-bent on avenging her husband’s death and rescuing her abducted child.

As Selena effortlessly transforms into werewolf form under a full moon, she takes on over 30 ghoulish and ghastly foes by shooting, slaying, slashing, and smashing them into oblivion, calling to mind the most amusing modern Metroidvania games on record. With dreadfully challenging traps and a slew of gnarly hack-and-slash obstacles before taking on Frankenstein’s monster, Blood of the Werewolf stands out more than most.

Bloodborne (2015)

Played in the third-person perspective, Sony’s Bloodborne concerns an unnamed hunter tasked with slaying ghoulish supernatural monsters in a Gothic Victorian-era town called Yharnam, where the citizens carry an infectious bloodborne disease. Among the infected are Scourge Beasts, giant slavering werewolf-like animals the protagonist must defeat as formidable mini-bosses.

Currently boasting a 92 Metascore, Bloodborne is one of the most universally-acclaimed action RPGs on the market and one of the hardest games to conquer on PS4. Vastly improving on the popular Dark Souls gameplay mechanics with unremitting challenges, overhauled combat system, breathless action, immersive world-building, and fantastic werewolf aesthetics, Bloodborne is worth contracting indeed.

The Order: 1886 (2015)

Also released by Sony in 2015, The Order: 1886 is a sublimely unsettling blend of steampunk, Victorian Gothic horror, and medieval iconography all swirling around the existential threat of vampires and werewolves. The third-person action-adventure game concerns the Knights of the Round Table thwarting menacing half-breed monsters, mixing melee battles with decisive QTEs for a fully rounded gaming experience.

Lauded for its superb cinematic graphics, lighting, shading, and dazzling camerawork, the game is a must-play for werewolf gamers because the Lycan fights are among the most difficult in the game, forcing the protagonist Sir Galahad to choose the right combo of tech weaponry to defeat the rabid attacks before it’s too late.

Werewolves Within (2016)

Recently adapted to an amusing horror-comedy movie starring Lily from AT&T (Milana Vayntrub), Werewolves Within is a highly immersive multiplayer VR experience. The social deduction game allows up to 8 players, each of which can choose to play as a werewolf skulking the night or as a citizen of the medieval town who wants to rid their home of the lycanthropic curse. It’s an awesome werewolf whodunit for the whole family to enjoy.

As one of the only werewolf VR games on the market, Werewolves Within is also a must-play due to its unique sense of morbid humor, easy gameplay mechanics, communal world-building that feels like a collection of friends around a campfire, and proving that cooperating with others can be just as fun as conquering games alone.

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart Of The Forest (2020)

Part of the World of Darkness series, the most satisfying entry in the Werewolf: The Apocalypse spinoff is Heart of the Forest, released in 2020. The Visual Novel RPG warns of climate change and ecological calamities as explored through werewolf mythology, making for one of the most unique and informative games around.

The interactive text-based game follows Maia Boroditch, an American woman who returns to her ancestral Polish town to learn of her lycanthropic heritage in the Bialowieza Forest. Based on a player’s in-game decisions, Maia’s Rage and Willpower will be affected, leading her to take on several harrowing showdowns and make key emotional discoveries about her cryptic past. For horror gamers interested in wicked werewolf lore, trek into the Heart of the Forest at once.



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