A Quarantined Photographer Viewed Italy with Security Cameras


With the Italian people being under quarantine and a curfew, the squares remained empty. A photographer who wanted to view this situation and who was also under quarantine used an unusual method of taking photographs.

The new China-based coronavirus COVID-19, which has spread worldwide and has become a pandemic, is known for its rapid spread and lethality. States that want to protect their people from this virus, on the other hand, use methods such as declaring curfews when necessary.

In Italy, which is among the countries heavily hit by COVID-19, officials have declared a curfew to control the situation and prevent the spread of the virus. A photographer recorded these moments in an unusual way.

Photos were taken with city security cameras.
Hungarian photographer Milan Radisics signed a different project using security camera images from some of Italy’s ghost cities because he could not go out and take pictures because of his pandemic COVID-19.

Watching internet broadcasts of security cameras, Radisics used the Print Screen key (PrtSc) on its keyboard instead of the shutter button of its camera. He called this project “Italy Has Stopped: 40 Pictures About Quarantine, Under Quarantine”.

While Milan Radisics states that the locations and number of photographs he chose for photographs are symbolic, he pointed out that the word “quarantine” originated in Italy with the following words: Before the crew of ships arriving in Venice from infected ports landed, the ship had to be moored for 40 days. This process called quarantine is derived from the words ‘quaranta giorni’, which means 40 days in Italian. ”

Taking action in light of this information, Radisics revealed 40 photographs using security cameras belonging to Italy’s most popular tourist attractions. These places are; From the Pantheon and Trevi Fountain in Rome, It includes many places, from Mark Square to Ponte Rialto in Venice.