Quantum leap on TV screens with Samsung Neo QLED


Samsung is introducing a completely new display technology with Neo QLED in its flagship 8K (QN900A) and 4K (QN90A) TV models. The company exhibited its new display technologies in its online event, which was held before CES 2021, where it exhibited innovations on the TV side.

QLED is rising to a new level with Quantum Mini LED, a new light source driven by Quantum Matrix Technology and Neo Quantum Processor (a powerful visual processor optimized for Neo QLED).

What are Quantum Mini LED and Neo QLED?

The Quantum Mini LED was designed by Samsung to one-fortieth the size of a conventional LED. The Quantum Mini LED does not use a lens for light distribution or any package for fixing the LED. Instead, extremely thin micro layers are used, with many LEDs together. Quantum Matrix Technology allows the viewers to view the content as it is, by preventing the growth of volumes and ultra-thin and fully controlled LEDs that are squeezed together.

Thanks to Neo QLED, the brightness scale can be increased to 12-bits with 4096 steps, which gives dark areas darker and bright areas appear brighter, providing a more immersive HDR experience. The Neo QLED also uses the Neo Quantum Processor, developed by Samsung, with powerful and upgrade features. The Neo Quantum Processor uses up to 16 different neural network models, each with artificial intelligence upscaling and deep learning technology, increasing the image quality to 4K and 8K output levels regardless of the input quality.

Samsung’s 2021 Neo QLED 8K model also features a new Infinity One Design. Since the screen bezel is almost invisible in this design, it offers an immersive viewing experience to the user, with a stylish look and form factor. Attachable Slim One Connect external connection box, a brand new cable management system that can be placed on the back of the Neo QLED 8K television, provides an easier installation and a more aesthetic appearance. The 2021 Neo QLED 8K also has many high-end and immersive audio features: The dynamic sound of Object Tracking Audio (OTS) Pro is played simultaneously with the movement of objects on the screen, and with SpaceFit Sound, the physical environment of the TV after installation is analyzed. An immersive sound environment is created with the sounds given to the place in a special way.

Samsung 2021 Neo QLED TV features

Samsung’s 2021 Neo QLED 8K and 4K models are also equipped with smart features that take the role of television to another dimension and meet users’ changing needs such as sports, entertainment and work from home. While Samsung Health turns your home into a perfect sports studio, the Smart Trainer feature performs posture tracking and analysis in real time, just like a personal fitness trainer. During or after exercise, Smart Trainer gives you feedback on your form, allows you to count your movements and the amount of calories you burn. While video and interactive training are combined with Bixby-powered voice control, the Samsung Health Smart Trainer personalizes your home fitness experience to the next level.

Samsung elevates the gaming experience on TV with two completely special new features. Super Ultrawide GameView provides gamers with ultra-wide 32: 9 ratio gaming beyond the wide 21: 9 aspect ratio. Thanks to the expanded field of view, players never miss a moment of action. With the Game Bar feature, gamers can quickly follow and adapt to the most critical moments of the game, while switching between aspect ratios, controlling input lag or connecting their headphones. Finally, FreeSync Premium Pro also minimizes stuttering, ensuring smooth video quality throughout the game.

With Google Duo, consumers can make video calls with up to 32 participants at high quality and speed using their phones. It doesn’t matter what operating system they are using. With the Google Duo app, direct video calls are possible via the optional USB-connected camera. In addition, thanks to the smart camera solution, it is ensured that the camera can follow its movements. Zooming in and out works automatically so you always stay in focus and at the right size.

PC on TV on Samsung devices enables users to connect their personal computers to their TV. In this way, users can do their work or study using the TV screen and a connected mouse, keyboard and PC. Users can also directly access MS Office 365 via the TV’s web browser to create and edit documents. To do this, simply install the Easy Connection application on your computer and log into your Samsung account. Right after that, your TV connects to your PC, making it a perfect experience for you to work from the living room of your home.


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