Qualcomm will solve the problems of wireless headphones


Wireless headphones offer a very practical use for many people as they end the cable trouble from the very first moment they are released. Unfortunately, wireless headphones from almost every brand still have some shortcomings. The sound delay problem, which is one of the most important shortcomings, seems to be solved with Qualcomm’s new sound chipset.

Wireless headphone problems can be resolved with the new chipset
It was announced that the Qualcomm QCC514x and QCC304x sound chip sets, which will be the solution to the problems in wireless headphones, were launched in late March. The company, which has published a detailed explanation about the features of these sound chips, also offers solutions for problems in wireless headphones.

Designed primarily for wireless headphones in published features, the two new Bluetooth chips are said to be specifically optimized for true wireless headphones and any ear-worn headphones. In this way, it is said that broken connection problems will be solved and a more stable sound experience will be offered. In addition, it is reported that these chipsets will offer a longer battery life to the headphones.

TrueWireless mirroring technology on the Qualcomm QCC514x and QCC304x chipsets will be used for disconnection between wireless headphone problems. Thanks to this technology, which will provide a better connection for the right and left ear pair, audio delay problems will be overcome. With this feature called mirror connection, the right and left ear pairs will be the mirror of each other.

It is stated that adaptive sound technology support has been added for Qualcomm QCC514x and QCC304x chipsets, which have active noise canceling feature.

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These new sound chips, which come with interactions with voice assistants and improvements in durability, have low power consumption features. The new audio chipset, which can provide up to 13 hours of use with its 65 mAh battery, also attracts attention with its ability to increase power consumption during active use.


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