Qualcomm Reveals Technology With Cell Phone Chip In The Processor


Qualcomm: In partnership with Vodafone and Thales, Qualcomm held this Tuesday (18) the first public demonstration of Integrated SIM (iSIM) technology. The solution integrates the operator’s chip to the device’s main processor, bringing advantages to consumers and telecommunications companies.

The built-in SIM eliminates the need for the dedicated SIM card slot, allowing you to enhance the design of mobile phones to take advantage of free space. With greater system integration, the novelty also offers better performance and increased memory capacity.

According to the manufacturer of Snapdragon processors, another highlight is the possibility of taking mobile resources to devices beyond smartphones. Notebooks, tablets, smart devices, wearables and virtual reality platforms are some of the devices that can receive 4G or 5G services if equipped with iSIM.

The technology meets all the specifications of the GSMA, an entity that represents mobile network operators, appearing as an evolution of eSIM. The virtual chip also does not require the use of a physical component to access the services of the telecoms, but ended up having low adhesion from providers and manufacturers.

When it will be available?

In the iSIM technology demonstration just done, the partners used a Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 5G phone with a Snapdragon 888 5G processor, running the integrated SIM solution developed by Thales. The test also included the use of Vodafone’s advanced remote management platform.

“Our goal is to create a world where all devices connect seamlessly and seamlessly, and the customer has full control,” commented operator commercial director Alex Froment-Curtil. Qualcomm representative Enrico Salvatori said the technology will bring even more benefits if used in 5G networks.

The companies involved in the trial did not provide further details on the next steps or release a forecast of when the iSIM will be commercially launched.