Qualcomm Responded to MediaTek’s ‘White List’ Claims


The fraud allegations made about MediaTek continue to keep the agenda busy. Qualcomm, who made a statement on the subject now, stated that the white list initiative was accepted as a trick in the industry and that they never did such a thing.

When it comes to smartphone processors, Qualcomm and MediaTek come to mind first, unless we count the phone manufacturers themselves. For a few days MediaTek has been on the agenda with an interesting issue of cheating. Allegedly, the company cheats on its processor performance tests and makes its processors much stronger than on paper. There are some new developments on this subject, which are followed closely by smartphone enthusiasts.

MediaTek has denied the charges since these allegations began to be put forward. The company says that it creates white lists for the processors it has developed and that these white lists are also made by its “biggest competitor” in the industry. It is not difficult to guess that the biggest opponent is Qualcomm, and now Qualcomm has made a statement on this issue.

According to Qualcomm, the whitelist is considered a cheat in the industry
According to the statements made by Qualcomm, whitelisting a performance test application is considered an industry-wide trick. Explaining the reason for this, the company states that if the performance test applications are accepted in the white list, the tests will not reflect the daily user experience and therefore Qualcomm will not engage in such a job.

Statements made by Qualcomm seem to corner MediaTek even further. Because if these claims are real, consumers’ trust in MediaTek may be shaken. This means that for MediaTek, things can get harder and maybe even deleted from the industry. The smartphone industry seems to continue to talk about this in the coming days.


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