Qualcomm prepares ‘Snapdragon desktop’ to fight M1


Qualcomm is reportedly preparing new PC chips that will fight the Apple M1. According to sources on the WinFuture website, the semiconductor giant’s response will come with the successor to the Snapdragon 8cx, a component launched in 2018 and which was one of the first processors with ARM architecture for computers.

The information obtained by WinFuture points out that Qualcomm is working on at least two variants of the new ARM chip, which is called SC8280 internally. Apparently, the company will bet heavily on performance to beat the popularity of the Apple M1.

The manufacturer is supposed to put aside the cores aimed at autonomy, which usually bring lower performance to ensure better energy efficiency. The successor to the Snapdragon 8cx would have an all-CPU design with an emphasis on performance and raw processing power.

M1 rival specifications

The more powerful version of the SC8280 would have an octa-core design, with four 2.43 GHz cores and four more “Gold +” solutions, which are even more powerful and deliver up to 2.7 GHz. Some speculations still suggest that the chip could achieve 3 GHz speed, depending on the notebook’s thermal design.

WinFuture says Qualcomm is testing the new chips in systems with a 14-inch screen and 32 GB of RAM, plus the amount of memory currently supported by the Apple M1. The website also indicates that the new Snapdragon will have an NPU that delivers machine learning performance of up to 15 TOPs.

To date, Qualcomm has not officially commented on the matter and the launch of a successor to the Snapdragon 8cx has yet to be confirmed. However, considering the company’s pioneering role in the ARM PC market, the trend is for the manufacturer to come up with an answer to Apple’s chip soon.

According to speculation, the Cupertino company has ambitious plans in the semiconductor market and is reportedly already preparing a more powerful version of the M1.


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