Qualcomm Plans to Launch ‘Snapdragon Phone’ in Brazil


Qualcomm: In partnership with ASUS, Qualcomm recently launched a special cell phone for members of the Snapdragon Insiders program, the first mobile device made with the direct assistance of the company. While the product has limited availability currently, the company revealed that it may bring the “Snapdragon Phone” to Brazil in the future.

In a press conference held this Friday (16), the president of Qualcomm Latin America, Luiz Tonisi, said that the company plans to bring the Snapdragon Insiders program to Brazil. As a result, the brand’s first cell phone can make a name for itself in our market.

“We have a plan to launch Snapdragon Insiders in Latin America and Brazil”, said the executive. In addition to bringing the program for fans to our country, the company also plans campaigns to present Qualcomm solutions to the national public.

The Executive points out that Qualcomm is already recognized in the market even without launching smartphones. The campaigns that will be carried out by the company aim to understand how the Brazilian public sees the brand, in addition to explaining the meaning of having a product with Snapdragon chips.

Product for fans

Despite equipping the main top-of-the-line cell phones today, Qualcomm does not launch its own products in the mobile market. Cristiano Amon, the Brazilian who commands the company globally, explained the arrival of the “Snapdragon Phone”.

“This launch with Asus is an exclusive phone, of restricted quantity, for Snapdragon Insiders fans”, explains Cristiano Amon, a Brazilian who took over the global command of Qualcomm. “A product 100% aimed at Snapdragon fans.”

According to the CEO of Qualcomm, the product arrives to meet the demand of the public that was looking for a more direct relationship with Qualcomm. Although consumers know the power of Snapdragon chips through other high-end phones, the “Snapdragon Phone” has an experience optimized with the company’s technologies.

“We realize that we have a lot of users who want to know what’s behind the smartphone […] and know Snapdragon,” explains Amon. “There was a demand from users who were interested in the technology and in having a direct relationship with the company [Qualcomm]”

Snapdragon Phone Specifications

Officially dubbed the “Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders”, Qualcomm’s phone features cutting-edge specifications and promises an optimized user experience with all Snapdragon technologies.

Designed by ASUS, the model features the Snapdragon 888 chip and Qualcomm’s leading solutions. In addition to bringing 5G and Wi-Fi 6, the product has a powerful camera processor, a suite of gaming and audio enhancement tools with Snapdragon Sound technology.

Specifications include a 6.78-inch screen with 144 Hz refresh, 4,000 mAh battery, and quick recharge support — a 65W power supply comes in the box. The company also sells the product with a pair of premium headphones made with the company’s proprietary technology.

It’s the price?

While the set is attractive, the price out there can be daunting. Smartphone for Snapdragon Insiders was presented abroad for US$1,499, approximately R$7,674 in direct conversion into our currency.

As Qualcomm is still studying the launch of the “Snapdragon Phone” here, there is still no price estimate for the cell phone in the Brazilian market.