Qualcomm May Bring Snapdragon Edition Seal to More Products


Qualcomm: One of the most recognizable brands in the world – Snapdragon processors – is rarely seen outside of the devices it equips. One exception, launched in July through a partnership between Qualcomm and Asus, was the Snapdragon Edition-labelled smartphone, developed especially for Snapdragon Insiders program participants.

On Friday, the director of marketing at the American chipmaker, Don McGuire, was interviewed by TechRadar and talked about this first smartphone experience with the Snapdragon Edition brand stamped on the product’s exterior. Although a possible second generation of the product is not yet on the company’s radar, McGuire raised the possibility of taking the label to other partnerships.

“Our intention was never to get into the smartphone business and compete with our customers. We’re not Microsoft,” he teased, recalling the purchase of Nokia, just to ward off Lumia’s competition. The device experience offered to Insiders sought to get feedback, learning and establish a kind of empathy with users.

Which devices can receive the Snapdragon Edition seal?

While analyzing the performance of their first smartphone, McGuire tells TechRadar, Qualcomm experts are evaluating alternative scenarios, such as the possibility of “partnering together with our wearable manufacturer customers”. The idea, suggests the executive, could reach other places, putting the Snapdragon Edition seal on several products.

The answer to those questions, says McGuire, will come “probably in the first quarter of next year,” when the team will review feedback received about the smartphone experience from the Insiders program. Whether that will translate to more Snapdragon-branded devices on the outside of products is just a matter of time.