Qualcomm may already sell chips to Huawei


Qualcomm has confirmed to the Reuters news agency that it has received an endorsement to sell products to Huawei, which is suffering from market limitations in the United States. The company points out, however, that the opening is only available for some components.

The American manufacturer said it received approval to sell some chips to Huawei, but only 4G models. According to Qualcomm, the components are aimed at smartphones and the list may grow, as the firm has registered more products for approval by the United States government.

Qualcomm did not reveal a list of the chips that have been approved for use on Huawei smartphones. Still, the news is good news for the Chinese manufacturer, which is struggling to get phones on the market.


While the partnership with Qualcomm will be a breather for Huawei, the company’s future with 5G is still hazy. After all, the American manufacturer will possibly only supply 4G chips to the Chinese firm at first.

Huawei already used Qualcomm chips in its intermediate and entry-level smartphones. However, the company used to use its own chips for top-of-the-line smartphones and 5G models.

The situation got worse when TSMC was pressured to avoid doing business with Huawei. With that, the Chinese manufacturer was barred from producing Kirin chips, made by the subsidiary HiSilicon, and Mate 40 should be the last cell phone to bring a processor from the line.

Huawei’s hope to return to its glory days would be a change in the ban brought on by the change of government in the United States. The trend, however, is that the situation is still complicated for the Chinese manufacturer in 2021.

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