Qualcomm licensed: Huawei returns!


Huawei, the company most deeply affected by the tension between the US and China, lost some of its business partners in the process. Qualcomm, one of the leaders in the mobile processor industry, has managed to obtain a license to re-supply chipsets to Huawei.

Qualcomm licensed: Huawei returns!

Qualcomm, one of Huawei’s dismissed business partners, is preparing to sell mobile processors to Huawei again. The company that has a license to sell reprocessors in the chipset has some restrictions.

qualcomm huawei lisans

According to the information in the Chinese press, Qualcomm’s mobile processors were allowed to sell to Huawei, but will only be able to sell 4G processors. After this restriction, Qualcomm also applied to sell a 5G chipset.

Huawei started to use HiSilicon Kirin processors in its devices after cooperation with companies such as Qualcomm and MediaTek was blocked. Qualcomm’s license for the sale of 4G chipset means that we can see Snapdragon processors on mid-segment Huawei devices from now on. Of course, if the 5G application is approved, we will be able to see Snapdragon in Huawei’s flagship models.


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