Qualcomm Launches New Lossless Audio Technology via Bluetooth


Qualcomm announced this Wednesday (1st) a technology that promises lossless audio in transmissions via Bluetooth, whether in music, voice calls or games. Based on the Snapdragon Sound platform, the new feature provides sound with the same quality as a CD (16-bit at 44.1 kHz).

Called “aptX Lossless”, the novelty works together with the Bluetooth High Speed ​​Link technology and the aptX Adaptative codec. Combined, the tools provide a data transfer rate of up to 1 Mbit/s, reducing interference between the handset and cell phone or other device that is the source of the sound, for a “more consistent and reliable experience”.

According to the processor manufacturer, aptX Lossless is capable of providing very high quality sound even in environments where there is radio frequency congestion. In this case, the bitrate (data transmission rate) may be slightly reduced, but still the sound quality will be maintained.

Qualcomm Vice President and General Manager James Chapman said that support for lossless audio in Bluetooth headsets and headsets comes to meet a growing demand for this technology. Some streaming services already support high-fidelity playback, such as Apple Music, which recently released the function.


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