Qualcomm Launches Adaptive Noise Cancellation


On Thursday (3), Qualcomm announced the adaptive noise cancellation technology for wireless headphones (TWS, or True Wireless). Adaptive ANC, as it is called, is available for headsets that feature the SoC QCC5100 Series. It should adjust the sound performance in songs or calls based on the fit of the earpiece.

Thus, Qualcomm hopes to improve the noise cancellation system in real time on different models of headphones. In a statement, the company promises “a highly natural leakage [of external noise]”.

The user should hear “certain sounds from the outside world at very low latency”, something that can alert him while walking or walking on a busy street. Thus, Adaptive ANC will be able to adjust the intensity of the noise cancellation based also on the environment in which the user is.

More natural fit

The “natural fit”, in this case, is exactly how the headphones fit the user’s ear. Qualcomm’s technology is expected to work with headsets of all sealing styles – such as those using plug-in erasers or free-fitting.

“It also means that users will not have to push or twist the headphones, which can also cause discomfort,” says the company. The technology can also, in this case, avoid having to choose specific tips to seal the sound.

By automatically activating ANC for different content – calls, music, videos – Qualcomm launches a feature that competes with Apple’s AirPods Pro. This model is able to continuously adjust the noise, in addition to adapting the sound equalization based on the shape of the user’s ear.

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Although it has already announced that the QCC514x SoC is compatible, the technology is not yet, in fact, on the market. Qualcomm works with manufacturers like Sennheiser, Audio Technica, Skullcandy and others to launch TWS headphones with Adaptive ANC.


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