Qualcomm is on the agenda with its 5G speed record


With the introduction of 5G technology into our lives, we will be able to experience VR and AR over the internet thanks to the low latency. A commercial 5G speed record was broken in Finland with the partnership of Qualcomm, Elisa and Nokia.

5G speed record broken by Qualcomm, Nokia and Elisa

Made in the base station is performing tests and working in the 26 GHz band spectrum with 5G 2 Nokia airscal antennas were used. Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 5G two testers of new-generation base station modem having reached 4 Gbps. The fact that both devices have reached a speed of 4 Gpbs has brought a new speed record.

Qualcomm, Nokia ve Elisa ortaklığı ile 5G hız rekoru kırıldı

By Elisa, you will be able to experience technologies such as high speed, VR and AR that require low latency and high bandwidth from a distance thanks to 5G. The services to be offered by Elisa are expected to be implemented in 2021.

The vice president of manufacturing companies of Elisa Sami Komulain said, “Here we are with one of the highest speed and turning point of our efforts to offer the best experience to our customers. Elisa is the first company in the world to use 5G technology. We see our 8 Gbps speed as a new step in exploring the possibilities of 5G technology. ”Used expressions.

Nokia mobile network president Tommi Uitto, “Solutions are proud to live in a better quality of experience to 5G institutions and people living in Finland with our partners. The test result can be seen as a turning point in the development of 5G services. ” said.


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