Qualcomm Introduced New Bluetooth Audio Chips With Low Power Consumption


Qualcomm introduced the new QCC514x and QCC304x Bluetooth audio chips designed for wireless headsets. The new enhancements promise a good user experience that offers advanced features in Bluetooth headsets.

Qualcomm introduced the new QCC514X and QCC304X chips, the successor of the QCC5100 and QCC30xx series Bluetooth audio chips. New Bluetooth sound chips; it offers increased battery life, integrated special hardware for Hybrid Qualcomm ANC (active noise canceling), voice assistant support, superior wireless sound and many more improvements.

One of the technologies developed for the new series is Qualcomm TrueWireless Mirroring technology. With this feature, only one headset remains connected to one device, while the other reflects the connected headset. The beauty of this technology is that it can quickly change the connection between the headphones and manage a single Bluetooth address at any time. So only one headset is visible on the phone.

Both Bluetooth audio chips block noise using Qualcomm’s Hybrid ANC technology. Moreover, it does this with very low power consumption. Qualcomm predicts 13 hours of audio playback on a 65 mAh battery.

The top-class QCC514X chip has Always on Voice activation for voice assistant support. On the other hand, the voice activation can be done by pressing the button on the QCC304X chip.