Qualcomm develops its own game phone with Asus


Qualcomm has started to distribute invitations to the Snapdragon event, which will be held on December 1-2. Current rumors and expectations are that the company will introduce its new flagship processor Snapdragon 875 at this event. This processor is expected to be the first chip to use ARM’s new high performance Cortex-X1 core. However, Qualcomm is planning to make another announcement with Asus at this event, Digitimes reports.

It is said that Qualcomm has developed its own gaming phone with the support of Asus and will announce it before the end of 2020. Details about the phone are very limited for now. Although Qualcomm has prepared reference teasers for phones, these are benchmark devices that demonstrate the power of the company’s latest processors.

Asus, on the other hand, is an experienced company in developing and producing gaming phones. Asus has become quite competent in placing components such as a high refresh rate display, advanced cooling system, large battery, customized control tools. It seems likely that Qualcomm’s phone will also benefit from Asus’ strong ROG Brand in the gaming world.

This collaboration between Qualcomm and Asus is thought to have been established before Nvidia bought ARM. However, it can be said that this cooperation has become even more important. It is claimed that Nvidia will give up the Mali series GPUs in order to highlight its own designs, which it offers with the GeForce brand. Qualcomm can give itself an advantage in the competition by using its rival Adreno series GPUs on a gaming phone.

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