Qualcomm claims license for Huawei!


Having problems with HiSilicon chips, Huawei is going through a troubled period due to the US embargo. Allegedly, US-based Qualcomm has licensed Huawei to supply chips.

Qualcomm obtains license to sell chips to Huawei company

In a report published by a Chinese source today, it is stated that Huawei has solved the chip problem and Qualcomm has started studies on this issue. Although the companies have not made an official statement yet, some analysts think this claim may be true.

Qualcomm, Huawei için lisans aldı iddiası

In the published report, it is stated that Qualcomm will start meeting the demands when the Honor brand is sold by Huawei. It is among the rumors that Honor’s demand cannot be met due to its production capacity.

It was recently claimed that Huawei will sell its sub-brand Honor to the Digital China Group company. It is among the rumors that the sales price is $ 15.2 billion and Honor will be offered to the public within 3 years.

The fact that the allegations have come one after another increases the likelihood that the rumors are true. No document has yet been revealed regarding the license application made by Qualcomm. However, in order for Huawei to survive in the smartphone industry, it must make a deal with MediaTek or Qualcomm.

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