Qualcomm can ‘clone’ Nintendo Switch with Android


Qualcomm is known for offering its technologies to smartphone makers, but is expected to debut in the gaming market with a portable console. According to information from Android Police, the company is developing a device similar to the Nintendo Switch, but with a Snapdragon chip and Android system.

According to the website, Qualcomm already has a prototype of the new handheld console. The design would be similar to the Switch, with detachable controls on the sides, a screen that resembles a tablet and 6,000 mAh battery with Quick Charge technology.

The size of the display has not been revealed, but Android Police believes that Qualcomm’s console may have a 6.65-inch screen. The product must also be thicker than a cellphone of this size, since it is supposed to bring a robust cooling system.

The source of the rumor points that the portable console will have an option to connect to a television or external monitor. However, it is still unclear whether the device will come with a dock or use HDMI or USB-C to transport the content to an extra screen.

Custom Android and streaming services

On the software side, Qualcomm’s console is supposed to hit the market with Android 12 bringing a modification of the company optimized for games. The product will have full support for Play Store apps, which can be installed on internal storage or MicroSD card.

Support for Android will also bring the possibility of using game streaming services on the portable console. Thus, in addition to the games installed locally, the structure of the device will allow you to have an advanced gameplay experience on platforms such as Microsoft xCloud, Google Stadia and Nvidia Geforce Now.

Launch in 2022

According to the rumor sources, Qualcomm plans to launch its console in the first half of 2022. With that in mind, the product is expected to hit the market with the successor to the Snapdragon 888 or some unprecedented solution from the company.

In a statement sent to Android Police, Qualcomm said it did not speak about rumors or speculation.


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