Qualcomm Announces Third Generation 5G Chipset Snapdragon X60


American semiconductor manufacturer Qualcomm announced the third generation 5G Modem-RF System Snapdragon X60. Providing advanced carrier features in 6GHz and mmWave technologies, the chipset enables 5.5 Gbps data transfer speed.

5G, the new generation wireless network technology, requires new generation chips and hardware. Currently, 5G smartphones on the market are equipped with first and second generation 5G modems that support new technologies such as mmWave. Qualcomm, one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world, announced the third generation 5G Modem-RF System Snapdragon X60 to take the 5G performance of smartphones one step further.

Snapdragon X60 offers advanced carrier features in 6GHz and mmWave technologies with 5G NR Over Voice (VoNR) service. Featuring the world’s first FDD-TDD sub 6GHz carrier acquisition solution, the SDX60 allows networks to send data on a wider spectrum.

Designed in the 5nm production process, the chipset occupies less space and provides lower power consumption than its predecessor. The SDX60, which can double the sub-6 GHz data transfer rate we see on the Snapdragon X55, supports Qualcomm’s latest QTM535 mmWave module.

The QTM535 mmWave antenna module introduced by Qualcomm works integrated with 26GHz, 28GHz and 39GHz mmWave bands. Providing better power efficiency and performance in 600MHz to 2.7Ghz bands, the QTM535 has a slimmer and more stylish form than its predecessor. This can make 5G smartphones thinner and further increase the space reserved for battery capacity. It is expected that the Snapdragon X60 modem and QTM535 mmWave module will come to the flagship smartphones that will be introduced in 2021.


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