Qualcomm Announces Its First Chips With Wi-Fi 6E Support

The multinational semiconductor company Qualcomm, one of the most important names in its field, finally announced its first chips with Wi-Fi 6E support. Qualcomm also said that the new chips will be designed in two types, for phones and routers.

Qualcomm is known as a world giant in the semiconductor industry and is on the way to collaborate with many big brands for its products. Boasting the success of the chips it produced, the company has taken itself a step further and announced its new chips for phones and routers with Wi-Fi 6E support. It was also said that the product will be faster and more reliable than older models.

It is stated that the product, which will be basically intended for two product groups, will be released in the second half of the year for phones and immediately for routers. The most important feature of all these chips is that it has Wi-Fi 6E support, utilizing the 6 GHz spectrum, which was launched in the United States last month. The products are expected to come with high performance due to 6E support, the widest form of Wi-Fi spectrum ever.

It will be a very fast transition:

We can also say that the phone chips are under the FastConnect line, which tends to integrate with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips. The products with 2 options, 3 Gbps and 3.6 Gbps, are expected to be FastConnect 6700 and FastConnect 6900 with the highest speeds. Also, both models include maximum Wi-Fi channel size support. VP Jones, VP of Qualcomm Technology, says he expects the transition to be made as a personal prediction to be very fast, and that there will be immediate additions, especially to high-end phones.

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One of the most curious things about the products, of course, is the time to be released. Although there is no clear information about this subject yet, it is estimated that they will be introduced towards the end of this year without waiting for the flagships of next year. Considering that Snapdragon chips produced by Qualcomm this year use the FastConnect 6800 without 6 GHz support, it is also commented that the date estimates put forward for launch are consistent. The future Wi-Fi 6E chips for routers are also of great curiosity. We will all see how the Wi-Fi 6E, which is making a quick start, will progress in this new area.



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