Qualcomm accused of causing cellphone price hikes

Qualcomm, maker of the most popular chipsets on the mobile market, has been accused of violating UK antitrust laws. The person responsible for the complaint was “Which”, the main consumer association in the country. The group says that, due to its market dominance, the company would have been responsible for “inflating” the values ​​of the components used by companies like Apple and Samsung. With the transfer to the final consumer, prices skyrocketed at the time of purchase.

If the complaint is accepted, Qualcomm will have to pay no less than US $ 600 million (R $ 3.3 billion in the current dollar exchange rate) in moral damages, which is equivalent to a value between US $ 24 (R $ 132 , 76) and $ 42 (R $ 232.32) per user of Apple and Samsung models since 2015.

In response, the manufacturer denied the accusations, indicating the result of a lawsuit filed by the United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in 2017 that was rejected in its favor.

Manufacturers seek independence

Although companies like Apple, Samsung and Huawei are looking for more independence by manufacturing their own components, Qualcomm’s presence is still very strong on smartphones.

It is possible to perceive it, for example, in the reaction of users to the launch of the Samsung S20 FE Fan Edition, which was created with the aim of meeting the demands of the brand’s fans. Among the criticisms made of the model, the most present is the absence of a Snapdragon chipset, manufactured by Qualcomm.

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