QuakeCon at Home reveals its schedule: games, schedule


The event, which will take place entirely digitally due to the health crisis, will celebrate its 25th anniversary with three days of events and activities.

Bethesda has released the full schedule of activities, hours and events for QuakeCon at Home, the reinvention of the company’s annual event in a completely digital way to avoid cancellation due to the health crisis. There will be three full days of activities in an almost uninterrupted way, now broken down with some quotes of great interest to fans.

August 7, 8 and 9: QuakeCon 2020, from home

“Since we cannot see each other in person, we are going to schedule 72 hours of streams in a row, focused on the games, the people who create them and the people who love them,” they said in the official note. From Bethesta’s official Twitch channel, this August 7 from 18:00 (CEST) we will be able to see the inaugural event where we can present what we can expect from the event.

On Friday we will have information on titles like The Elder Scrolls Online; Fallout 76; Doom Eternal through a panel with its top managers, Hugo Martyn and Marty Stratton …

Saturday will be the first full day with practically 24 hours of activities. From Fallout 76 to interviews with cosplayers, a review of Arkane’s 20 years and challenges related to games like Skyrim. Robert Whittaker and Pete Hines of Bethesda will be available in the early hours of Saturday through Sunday (03:00 AM on Sunday, August 9) to discuss The Elder Scrolls Online.

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For all those who want to go to QuakeCon at Home virtually, in this article we give you more details of everything they have in store for this edition. We do not know if they will reserve space for one of their great releases this season, Deathloop, which is presumed to be one of the greatest assets of Bethesda on PlayStation 5 and PC for the beginning of the generation. Also Ghostwire: Tokyo, though both titles seem unlikely at this annual celebration of internal Bethesda titles.


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