Quake Remastered Gains Age Rating On All Consoles


Although it hasn’t been officially announced yet, Quake Remastered is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality! After all, the game received its age rating on the Korean Games Management and Evaluation Committee, as well as on the North American ESRB, indicating a likely revelation at the QuakeCon 2021 fair.

The two bodies rated versions for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. In other words, it seems that all platforms of new and old generation will have the opportunity to relive the emotions of the classic FPS originally released in 1996 by id Software!

The description of the reviewed product says it is a “first person shooter game in which players take control of a soldier traveling through time to stop the forces of evil from destroying humanity. It takes traveling through medieval environments and mazes using shotguns, grenade launchers and spiked weapons to kill various enemies (such as zombies, demons, scorpions and humans) in frenetic combat.”

So if you had any doubts that the record was really about Quake, rest assured! We’ll probably have more news later today (19), when QuakeCon 2021 starts at 3:05 pm, with the theme of celebrating the franchise’s 25th anniversary.

The event runs until August 21st and will have several interesting panels for fans of the franchise. Looking forward to Quake Remastered? What is your favorite FPS? Comment below!


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