QTCinderella Presents a New Cooking Series Twitch Master Baker


Twitch star QTCinderalla has unveiled her new show Master Baker, in which seven streamers participate in a seven-day cooking contest.

The streaming industry continues to revolutionize: more and more of our favorite creators are taking on larger projects and arranging studio shows.

Recently, we saw people like Ludwig open their own creative agency Offbrand, which helps creators organize events and shows — and even organized its popular Mogul Chessboxing Championship in early December.

Similarly, we also saw xQc launch its own Nickelodeon—inspired “Juiced” show — also created by Ludwig’s Offbrand agency – which was an absolute success with fans.

Now, like many of her streaming colleagues, QTCinderella has presented her own project — a culinary competition designed for seven days, which will be broadcast on Twitch.

QTCinderella presents a new show

In a recent interview on December 26 with Anthony Padilla, the 28-year-old streamer presented her new cooking show.

“I’m making a Master Baker,” she said. “The implication is insinuation, this is my Twitch series that I’m doing.”

Seven streamers will participate in a seven-day competition, their skills will be put to the test as they try to memorize a recipe that they will need to bake in just 24 hours.

“It will be a seven-day competition with the participation of seven streamers. They will get a category of baked goods — that is, cakes — in 24 hours, they have to learn how to do it, and then they have to come and cook without a recipe.”

She added: “Every day someone drops out.”

(Time stamp at 29:55)

Many details of the new show were kept secret. However, the popular streamer teased fans that there would be a special finale for the series, which was removed from the video.

It’s unclear when we’ll see the first episode of Master Baker, but fans are very excited.


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