QR code feature came to Chrome on mobile


With the Google Chrome 88 update, a new feature has emerged. In fact, the feature, which has been available since Chrome 84, started to be available to everyone with the new update. Accordingly, Google came up with the QR code feature to increase the mobile internet experience.

What does the Chrome QR code feature do?

Google, especially with the increase in mobile internet usage, started to make a series of innovations on the Chrome desktop browser.

Instead of trying to send a link you see on your computer to your phone, you will now be able to access these links in a much more practical way.

With this QR Code generator feature that comes with the Chrome 88 update, you will be able to generate the link of a photo or page as a QR code. In the menu where you right click and open the picture with the mouse, you can see the option to create a QR code for this picture under the options to open the link in a different tab or window.

Again, a framed QR code icon appears on the right in the address bar. When you press this icon, you can generate the QR code of this link. In this way, by running QR code applications on your smartphone, it becomes possible to view the photo you want and access the link you want without copying it somewhere.

Previously you had to enable this feature via Flags to turn this feature on. If this feature is not yet available in your Chrome browser, you can enable it by typing: chrome: // flags / # sharing-qr-code-generator in the address bar.

How do you think the QR code generation feature that came with the Chrome 88 update was? We are waiting your comments.


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