Putin’s $100 Million Yacht Hacked: Route Changed to ‘Hell’


A group of hackers in the Anonymous hacker community changed course by hacking Vladimir Putin’s $97 million yacht. Hackers showed the yacht’s route to the whole world as ‘Hell’.
As the war between Russia and Ukraine continues, conflicts take place not only in the real world, but also in the cyber world. The world’s most famous hacker community, Anonymous, also takes part in the cyber attacks against Russia. Anonymous hackers, who hacked state televisions the other day, came up with another attempt today.

A group of Anonymous hackers attacked the luxury yacht ‘Graceful’, allegedly owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The yacht’s maritime traffic data, which was reported to be worth approximately $97 million, was changed and the yacht appeared to have crashed on Ukraine’s Snake Island, which was captured by Russia.

The yacht’s destination has been changed to ‘Hell’:
After that, the hackers changed the route of the yacht and arranged the target point as ‘Hell’. The target spot, where the group’s name as well as Hell was seen as ‘Anonymous’ and ‘Anonleaks’, also contained swearing at Putin: ‘FCKPTN’. Hackers later exposed the system that allowed them to orchestrate this attack.

According to the information Anonymous hackers gave to investigative journalist Ryan Gallagher, the attack was carried out through the Automatic Identification System, the hardware system that contains the fixed data, voyage information and dynamic information of the ships. This system, which has been exposed to many attacks in recent years, has proven how open it is to attack again with the last attack.