Putin Announces Russia’s Coronavirus Vaccine


According to the information reported by Sputnik, Russia has passed the last stage in coronavirus vaccine studies. President Putin announced that Russia is the first country to register the vaccine. It is said that the vaccine was also applied to Putin’s daughter.

There are 165 ongoing vaccination studies against coronavirus in different parts of the world. A significant portion of these studies are carried out with government support and some are carried out by global pharmaceutical companies. Important news came from Russia, which hosted some of the vaccine studies.

It is said that the vaccine studies conducted by the Russian Ministry of Health, Gamaley Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology have passed the final stage and have been officially approved for use on humans.

Mass production for Russia’s coronavirus vaccine will begin in September:

ACTO (Association of Clinical Research Organizations), operating in Russia, argues that enough tests were not done before the coronavirus vaccine was registered. However, officials of the Russian Ministry of Health report that enough tests have been done and no critical side effects have been observed.

Sergei Glagolev, an official at the Ministry of Health, told the BBC that studies are underway in the USA and the EU for early registration of vaccines. It is said that the Ministry of Health has tested the vaccine on humans for the last 2 months. According to Glagolev, early registration of vaccines is normal during the pandemic process.

The fact that coronavirus vaccine studies are affected by competition between countries and pharmaceutical companies is among the biggest concerns on the agenda. The country or company that first developed the vaccine will be in a position to meet most of the global need.

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Putin announced that the registered coronavirus vaccine was also applied to his own daughter:

Russian President Putin stated that, according to Express, the registered vaccine was also applied on his own daughter. The arrival of this announcement with the vaccine announcement may be Putin’s attempt to gain more confidence in the result achieved. We will continue to convey the details of the vaccine news from Russia, stay tuned.


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