Puppy Bowl, Puppies Also Join The Sports Party


This is the game you needed to brighten up your Sunday.

Today is Super Bowl Sunday and we know that not everyone is fond of this sport and although they try to see it they don’t understand anything, but we have what you needed to brighten up your Sunday and join one of the most important sports parties: The Super Dog Bowl.

Animal Planet organized the 16th edition of the Puppy Bowl, an American match between the Fluff and Ruff teams, made up of various dogs that come from animal shelters and seek to adopt them.

The event consists of a match between the canines, who in the middle of the field and endless stuffed animals and toys, will try to reach the other side of the field and score for their team. The event takes 15 years and seeks to help animals found in shelters in the United States.


This year, there are 96 puppies who play the Puppy Bowl and seek to conquer the public to give it a home. The dose of tenderness, sport and fun you needed this day.



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