Punky Brewster: learn all about the end of season 1



The sitcom Punky Brewster (also known in Brazil as Punky, A Levada da Breca) premiered on February 25, 2021 via streaming Peacock. Season 1, consisting of 10 hilarious episodes, added new questions to the work of David W. Duclon, originally shown between 1984 and 1988.

One of the things that most caught the attention of viewers, however, was the final episode of the series. Titled as “Mother’s’s Day”, the plot expanded its horizons by developing in an emotional way some of the main conflicts presented by the writers at first.

Find out more about the 1×10 episode of Punky Brewster with our recap!

Punky Brewster: continuation of the classic series is presented to viewers in streaming Peacock

The continuation of the 1980s Punky Brewster series invests in new relationships for the main characters. At first, viewers learn about the life of Punky (played by Soleil Moon Frye) after so many years. Now, she is an independent woman who has children and some problems to deal with.

Even with several questions put to the test, the character remains, in the end, with the same characteristics that marked her previously. It is obvious that other personality traits were added in these new episodes, which adds several interesting nuances and conflicts.

Everything is built in a unique way, growing instinctively to be completed in a curious and well-worked outcome. At the beginning of episode 10, however, it seemed that the audience would not see Susan (Sharon Lawrence), Punky’s biological mother, with her daughter in time.

In some ways, this was the biggest conflict so far: promoting a difficult and even brutal reunion for the protagonist. After all, she needed to meet the woman who abandoned her when she was a helpless child, even if it meant facing her deepest feelings of rejection and disappointment.

It is remarkable to realize that Punky was quite willing to have a conversation with Susan, even going through some comical situations along the way. The character then stops at a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous when she follows her birth mother. This was already able to provide some clues to the viewers as to what was to come next.

At that point, Susan confesses to the group that she has been sober for some time and that she hoped to be a better person for the daughter she gave up years ago. Upon hearing all of this up close, Punky reveals himself as Susan’s daughter. The two have a long conversation, marked, above all, by the countless requests for forgiveness and justifications about the time of abandonment.

Punky claims to have forgiven his mother, even after all the accumulated resentment, but that he didn’t need her to play that role in his life. In the midst of several tears, both discover the things they have in common.

This all happened in parallel with the possible adoption of Izzy (Quinn Copeland) by Punky – bringing an interesting narrative for the expected season 2.

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