Punishment for Volkswagen! Return and compensation to drivers


Volkswagen, which has been serving the automobile sector of Germany for years, has been punished with an emission penalty by the German Federal Court. Exhaust issues have occurred on some cars manufactured by Volkswagen. Compensation will be paid to the drivers.

Volkswagen received emission penalty! How will the vehicle return?
The German Federal Court, the number one court of the German judiciary, examined the exhausts of some Volkswagen models. In the relevant review, many Volkswagen models, which are played with their originality and using diesel engines, were identified.

In this context, the court, which gave a negative rating to the German car brand, ordered the compensation to be paid to the drivers who were victims of the diesel engine vehicles whose exhausts were changed. This incident occurred when a driver was suspected.

This driver, who did not rely on Volkswagen emission testing, claimed that the exhausts were not tested correctly. The driver, who carried this claim to the judiciary, became the main role of a precedent decision by winning the court.

In this way, all diesel vehicle owners who are manipulated in their exhaust can return their vehicles to Volkswagen. Drivers who perform the return transaction will be able to get back a certain part of the sales price. The refund amount will vary according to the mileage of the car….


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