Pundi X Started to be Traded in Stock Exchanges with its New Name


Pundi X started trading on stock exchanges as of Friday after changing its name from NPXS to PUNDIX. As part of this change, former token holders received 1 PUNDIX for every 1,000 NPXS they owned.

Pundi X Labs decided to reduce the token supply as a result of the voting held on February 16-22. NPXS tokens with a total supply of 258 billion have been updated with PUNDIX with a supply of 258 million.

Started to be traded on stock exchanges

The change process started on March 30th. Old investors will be able to update their tokens with new ones until March 29, 2022. No loss is anticipated during the transition from NPXS to PUNDIX.

Some cryptocurrency exchanges that supported this update decided to stop trading NPXS at the beginning of the week. Pundi X Labs’ new token started trading on these exchanges as of Friday morning.

PUNDIX is trading at $ 5.8 at the time of writing. A volume of $ 87.9 million was created in the PUNDIX / USDT parity on Binance.


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