Puma to release sneakers for Mario’s 35th anniversary


Nintendo teams up with Puma to launch a sneaker collection to celebrate Mario’s 35th anniversary. Three models inspired by 3D All Stars.

Nintendo will collaborate with Puma to launch a series of Mario-inspired sneakers. Three models will go on sale, one for each title included in the Super Mario 3D All-Stars pack. They will arrive in stores in the United States on November 27 exclusively for their official website and the Foot Locker chain.

The first model, Future Rider, follows a design drawn from the classic Super Mario 64. Its 90s style features a white base with blue and red lines, along with the plumber’s signature. On the other hand, Clyde, celebrates the sunny pictures of Super Mario Sunshine and Delfino Island. The blue stripe that breaks the white base has a pattern that mimics the water ejected by Mario’s device.

In the last place we find the RS-Fast, which only with a first glance we know what game it is: Super Mario Galaxy. It is the most groundbreaking shoe of the trio. Due to its black base, a multitude of white, blue and silver patterns collide. The heel mimics the galaxy full of stars. The back and the tongue feature a star, an icon of the game.

Future Rider will trade at $ 90, while RS-Fast will trade at $ 120. Clyde will be the cheapest option: $ 80. This model is exclusive to Foot Locker. At this time we do not know if the collection will reach our country.

The compilation obtained in this house a rating of 7 out of 10. In the analysis we said that this pack “also shows the difficulty of evaluating certain products”. You can’t get around the quality of the separate games. Two of them are masterpieces; If you have never played them, it is an opportunity that you cannot miss ”. However, the compilation is “lazy and lazy.” “It is not necessary to make a remake from scratch to retouch and adapt those details that the original works need to fit perfectly today, something that does not happen here”, we concluded.

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