Pulse launches three new models with old designs


Pulse, the audio division of Multilaser, announced the expansion of its retro line with the launch of three new phonograph models with Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

The brand’s retro line already had the Presley Bluetooth Box, but now incorporates the Berry, TurnTable and Sinatra record players. All have RCA audio output, which allows you to connect the record player to other speakers, and the biggest differences are due to the design and some features.

The Berry model has a briefcase style design with ceramic capsule and Ruby needle. In addition, three playback speeds, auxiliary P2 and Bluetooth inputs are part of the specifications. TurnTable has a bolder design, while the Sinatra model is a micro system with two amplifier boxes.

“This line of record players brings the most modern with retro charm. We are always looking to develop differentiated products and invest in resources and design to enhance the experience of our consumers ”, explains Rodrigo Berti, product manager for the Pulse brand.


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